Take you to understand the nutritional value of kidney bean

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Nutritional value of kidney bean
1. Kidney bean is a kind of natural starch blocking food, which is rich in α - amylase inhibitor and dietary fiber, which can effectively cooperate with diet therapy for weight loss patients.
White kidney bean can effectively block the decomposition of starch in high starch foods (rice, pasta, coarse cereals and related snacks and pastries), block the intake of most starch calories, and reduce the largest source of body fat. Moreover, the α - amylase inhibitor is discharged from the body through the gastrointestinal tract. It does not need to go through the blood circulation, does not act on the brain nerve center, does not have diarrhea, does not feel tired, does not have the weight rebound, conforms to the World Health Organization's weight loss principle. At the same time, kidney bean is a rare food with high potassium, high magnesium and low sodium, which is of great use in nutritional therapy. Kidney bean is especially suitable for heart disease, arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, hypokalemia and salt aversion.
2. The main components of kidney bean are protein and crude fiber, and also contain amino acids, vitamins, calcium, iron and other trace elements. The content of protein is higher than that of chicken, the content of calcium is more than seven times, the content of iron is four times, the content of vitamin B is also higher than that of chicken.
Effect of kidney bean
According to modern medical analysis, kidney bean also contains saponins, hemagglutinin and various globulins, which can not only agglomerate human red blood cells, activate lymphocyte embryoid transformation, promote mitosis, increase DNA synthesis and other functions, inhibit immune response and the movement of white blood cells and lymphocytes, but also activate lymphocytes of tumor patients,, It can inhibit the development of tumor cells. It can also improve the immune capacity of the human body and enhance the disease resistance,

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